BEloved and BEyond’s BEyond Team Program

Summer 2021

This past summer we were blessed to join forces with BEloved and BEyond and launch their BEyond Team program. Summer 2021 was amazing to say the least, there was the pandemic and all the anxiety and fears parents had about sending their cherished young adult, there was anxiety and fear from our participants, who had been home since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Everyone’s life had been affected and everyone one of us needed to come to CAMP!!  And that is just what we did, I first of all want to thank Glen and Laura Elder, their leadership team, their staff, volunteers and all the incredible campers we got to serve this summer. I want to thank the team that Laura gave to us, the BEyond Team leadership and coaches were truly hand picked and they gave each and every one of our participants the ability and direction to shine and grow. Our participants in both of our sessions had a chance to spend an entire 2 weeks or 3 weeks working as a member of the BEloved and BEyond Staff.  They all felt an incredible sense of belonging and community. Friendships, memories and valuable job and living skills were learned and will help them all in their transition to adulthood.  Thank you to you all for what was an incredible summer serving others!!!!!

Debbie Martin

Laura Elder