Cleared Lot Aerial Photo
Cleared Lot Aerial Photo
Cleared Lot Aerial Photo

PHRED’S P.L.L.A.C.E. is a camp located on 4 acres at Lake Limestone in Texas. It’s being built so special needs children, siblings, parents, and grandparents can enjoy a camp experience together. We hope to foster an atmosphere where individuals with special needs can laugh, love, learn and grow with their brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents and others in a safe and encouraging environment. We want to provide families and caretakers an opportunity to unwind and have fun during a carefree vacation.

PHRED’S P.L.L.A.C.E. will also be a place where we can promote the sharing of knowledge, experiences and networking in a supportive atmosphere. We want to build self-confidence, develop physical and mental strength, and encourage responsibility to help overcome life’s obstacles. In addition, we want to provide a safe, encouraging place for qualified individuals with special needs to volunteer and work.

PHRED’S P.L.L.A.C.E. the camp is in the early stages of development and we’re open to your ideas and suggestions to make it the kind of place you and your special needs kids can enjoy and benefit from. We do encourage you to click our Programs page to see the great things we are doing right now.

Having a child with special needs is a life changing and eye opening experience. In the world we live, acceptance is not always the norm. With Autism, simple outings can cause stress to the child and family, resulting in the withdrawal from everyday life experiences and family vacations.

As a result of our experiences with our daughter and other families with special needs children, we created this non-profit organization. We believe family is the strength behind any great adventure. Families know their child’s needs best. We simply want to offer the opportunity for families to grow and have fun together.

Please contact us for additional information regarding volunteer opportunities, the donation of services, the donation of money, or any other questions you might have.

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