Next Step FAQs

What is the purpose of Camp Blessing Texas Next Step Program?

The purpose of the Next Steps Pilot Program is to provide a God centered environment where individuals with different abilities can pray, laugh, love, learn, work, serve and grow with their peers and mentors in a safe and encouraging environment. We want to help build self-confidence, help develop physical and mental strength, teach life skills, and encourage responsibility. This all happens by giving the participants an opportunity to serve the place they have been served and experience love, acceptance and fun. 

Who will be supervising the participants and what is the ratio?

Debbie Martin and Laura Elder are the co-directors of the program. We have hired amazing summer staff that will be overseeing, teaching, supervising and working alongside the participants. The ratio will be 2 leaders for every 5 participants.

What does a typical week serving at camp look like?

Sunday arrival 3:00pm for the first Sunday of the session and the following weeks at 4:00pm. Departure and pick up is Wednesday at 10:30am.

Some of the opportunities for serving/working will include:

  1. Serving food in the dining hall
  2. Washing dishes after meals
  3. Cleaning the dining hall
  4. Restocking dining hall items
  5. Luggage delivery on arrival days
  6. Restocking cabins
  7. Organizing and restocking kitchen items
  8. Mail delivery
  9. Garbage collection
  10. Room set up
  11. Serving coffee/ water /cookies for parent welcome
  12.  Life skills in the home: laundry, cooking skills, daily chores
  13. We will also have fun times which could include: game night, movie night, swimming and special events
  14. Daily bible study and discipleship
  15. Cheer line Welcome Team
  16. Yard work

(All jobs will be assigned daily and rotated)

Will medical staff be available during Next Step participant’s sessions?

YES, the medial staff will handle all dispensing of medicine and will handle the medical needs of the participants.

What if my child/participant gets sick during camp or sick before they arrive for serving at camp?

Camp Blessing policies apply. If they are sick please inform us immediately and we will do the same for you if it happens here.  Each case will be individually assessed. Please note, there will be a waiting list for this program, your commitment is important and you will still be responsible for the entire session’s fees. These fees cover our staffing.

Will there be an opportunity for carpooling?

Yes, during our parent meeting (date TBD) there will be an opportunity to connect with other parents/caretakers to set up carpooling.

Why are we requiring an interview?

We believe this is an important part of this process and we want the participant to realize that even though they are at camp they are not a camper during their serving weeks. This is a great opportunity to practice a skill for furthering their independence and confidence.

We want the opportunity to communicate with them and allow them to ask us questions or express any concerns they may have. If you think it is helpful and necessary, you may be in the room during the interview. (please don’t stress about this) Remember we are Camp Blessing. Love, acceptance, fun and grace will always be applied.

What and where will the living arrangements/sleeping quarters be while participating in Next Steps Program?

Praise the Lord! We are able to expand this program because we are utilizing the available homes at the back of the property. Girls will be in one house named Rainbow and the Boys in the other named Blue Bell. Conveniently there is large common room dividing the homes. This space will be used for a safe and appropriate gathering place for all the participants while we play games, watch movies, and have our bible studies. (you will have the opportunity to donate to this experience)

Can my young adult participate in the Next Step Program if they are already signed up as a camper for Summer 2019?

Absolutely, most of the participants that will sign up for Next Step will also be campers this summer.  Just make sure you sign up for a Next Step session that is not a direct conflict for when your participant is a camper.